Knowing isn’t the point – Execution is!

But where do you start?

Every hour you spend trying to figure “it” out is another hour you’re not spending with your family … playing with your pet … hanging out with friends … living the life you want.

Ideas, tactics, and the eventual tailspins… oh my!

These are a real challenges for entreprenuers! Shiny object syndrome can slow you down. Especially when most business owners need a clear cut strategy tailored to their business – and a safety net of support for when they get stuck.


Mind the Gaps

See where you can reduce friction in your customer journey and make it easier to work with you!


maximize roi

Every action you take can be replicated and repurposed to have a maximum effect on your business. When you can repurpose everything, you build a library of assets to help your audience. 


Claim Your Domain

No, not just your url or business name – your entire market share! Find your big value statement and be seen as the expert in your niche. When you have a clear voice and messaging – your customers and network will refer to you! 


Be discoverable

Where are people finding you? How easily can they learn about what you do and the problems you solve? When you get your digital house in order, you can be found and start growing your list organically while you sleep! 


Evolve and keep Solving

Once you have a clear execution strategy, you’ll open up so much time and space to listen to your audience and naturally keep positioning new solutions, products, and offers – which is the catalyst for long term business growth. 

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Lana Lang

About me

HI, I’M Priscilla

Ten years ago, I was tired of chasing tactics and actually quit marketing and walked away. I took a “job” instead as an executive assistant for a startup company.

Two months in, and I couldn’t help but offer ideas to implement a customer relationship management software and some automated emails for customer service. They hired ad experts, booked speaking engagements, but every action was so hard and was like rebuilding a wheel over and over again.

They hired expert after expert to help them grow, but no one was connecting all the dots and building an ecosystem for growth.

When you turned off the ad spend or didn’t book a stage – there was no leads, and no new sales.

I built an entire ecosystem with one simple goal – love our customers first and solve their biggest struggles.

Within nine months, this company doubled their revenue and gave me the Director of Marketing position. We built an organic strategy that fueled new leads, new customers, and tons of referral partners.

Market Reigns was born a year later. I currently sit as the head of marketing for 6 companies and work with dozens of small businesses every month to repeat this same strategy.

Use me to get clarity in your business! There’s no cost or upsell here – but everything to gain.

I can’t wait to learn more about you!